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Would like to lead an elite corporate B2B sales recruiting program, by myself or with a small staff, to create an exceptionally successful organization.  

Table of Contents called “Recent Posts” is placed on the righthand margin for your convenience.  Contact me by phone or email, if you would like a standard resume.

Reach me for my lifetime at: PeterCivardi@pobox.com.
My current mobile # is 858 342-1601
I live in La Jolla, California, but am ready to relocate for an exceptional opportunity.

Personal History, Education, and Recruiting Expertise. 

Read about my professional sales, engineering, manufacturing, and operations experience providing companies like ATT, Exxon/Mobil, Procter&Gamble, Baxter Healthcare, Weyerhaeuser, Hallmark, Alcon, and PepsiCo with the very highest potential junior military officers, MBAs, and recent college graduates with a few years experience for the most selective management training and development programs in America. My small recruiting firm usually enjoyed preferred access to these companies because we specialized in hitting the nail on the head, so to speak. On average 80%, of the candidate interviews we arranged for client companies resulted in invitations to return for second interviews. Almost all job conference style companies average only 5-10% or less.


About Peter Civardi

Career HR Consultant for high-potential management development recruitment of JMOs, high profile recent college grads, and new MBAs. Experienced and adept at classic retained search for individual positions at compensation packages up to $250,000 (USD) per year. Available for paid job search guidance, coaching, resume and business networking site editing for sites such as LinkedIn and WordPress. Qualified by 30 years work in recruiting and executive search for Fortune 500 companies.
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