Brief Career Highlights

Quote: I am always happy to hear from past students, recruits, and clients.

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Peter Civardi
Senior Generalist Recruiter

o Thirty years in recruiting/search representing the Fortune 500 in their efforts to identify and hire quality managers, professionals, and fast-track management development candidates. Founded Military Recruiters of San Diego in 1973. Ended focus on recruiting high potential junior military officers, and closed MRSD in 1997. Switched to retained search same year, and has since focused on filling middle level management and technical positions.

o Attained a national reputation as an expert in the selection and hiring of superior management development candidates for major corporate management training programs. Developed nationwide clientele, including AT&T, Mobil Corporation, Procter&Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, Baxter Healthcare and 50 other prestigious firms.

o Generalist, experienced in many aspects of sales, sales management, manufacturing, operation, engineering, and technology. Serves occasionally in contract assignments for staffing projects at major firms.

o Served on college faculty (USD Paralegal Training Program), guest lectured at SDSU and National University MBA programs, wrote and taught behavioral based selection courses for managers (Georgia Pacific Corporation), and also lectured and taught courses on career changes for The Navy League of San Diego, The Marine Executive Association and the California Department of Human Resources.

o Worked successfully and enthusiastically in support of Affirmative Action for entire career and continues to support its ideals.


About Peter Civardi

Career HR Consultant for high-potential management development recruitment of JMOs, high profile recent college grads, and new MBAs. Experienced and adept at classic retained search for individual positions at compensation packages up to $250,000 (USD) per year. Available for paid job search guidance, coaching, resume and business networking site editing for sites such as LinkedIn and WordPress. Qualified by 30 years work in recruiting and executive search for Fortune 500 companies.
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